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what We Do

Providing Everything You Need





We provide personal consulting services to players by ensuring immediate step by step actions. We take into consideration all the necessities to become an effective player and create a blueprint to follow and execute. 

Player Representation

CarrasGoal being a multiple entity, we also provide Registered Intermediaries to represent players who also represent the 1000% lifestyle. 


Carrasgoal University

Carrasgoal University is an interactive football training platform to increase the clubs performances on and off the pitch in all areas. This revolutionary program is like no other. There are many things to consider when having a successful club and unfortunately there are many who do not have the right knowledge and skillset to present themselves. To become an effective club, you must master the skills of leadership, hands on training, role play, communication, building a strong structure, mindset and much more. And this is where CarrasGoal University comes into play.


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